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Hilary Horton-Brown, RD, CSSD,  CPT, is the Sports Dietitian for the Boise State University Athletic Department. Horton-Brown oversees the many nutrition aspects involved in collegiate sports. She provides comprehensive nutrition assessment and consultation for all BSU student-athletes, including personalized nutrition and hydration strategies. Nutrition challenges are addressed to help student-athletes fuel for peak potential. Grocery store tours and cooking lessons are popular activities. Nutrition strategies to reduce the risk of injury and to facilitate recovery are also an important focus. Horton-Brown serves as a food and nutrition resource for coaches, athletic trainers, campus dining services and parents. Hilary has worked with Bronco student-athletes since 2003. She is a registered and licensed dietitian and became one of Idaho’s first Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics in 2011.  She is a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. Hilary and her husband, Roger, love living in Boise and supporting the Broncos in all they do.

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